Vera Beirad

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Born in Russia on 14.02.1942.
Since 1944 lived in St. Petersbourg and graduated with a diploma of an engineer-teacher, after what teached at the Technical lyceum.
Since 1991 I have been living and working in Lahti, Finland. My work continues in the field of art: from 1996 until today, teaching painting and drawing for kids and adults in Lahti’s multicultural center Multi-Culti.
During 1997-1998 I made 20 glassworks to decorate the doors of a Mannakoti, a rest home for seniors in Nastola.
From 2004 to 2013 I have worked as an art teacher in the folkschool Wellamo. My education was upgraded through the full course of art school of Vyacheslav Shraga, one of the renowned artists of St. Petersbourg.
Additionally, I’ve completed a scenery painting course by another St. Petersbourg’s artists Stas Borodin.
Since 1998 I have been a member of Finnish Russian artist union Triada, since 2004 a member of European artist union EU-MAN, and also, a member of a Finnish artist union Suomen Taiteilijat Ry. Have several diplomas from participating in international master class workshops arranged by Russian culture committee of artists of St. Petersbourg during 2005-2007. Also an honorable mention diploma from the city of Lahti, acquired for long time teaching art for youth and adults (2009).