Evgeni Perje

Bogorodsk Helsinki

http://thomasgull.com/landscape/throughflow/ www: http://evgeniperje.com/
tel: +358 41 540 5259
e-mail: perje@mail.ru

Was born in 1956 in Russia. He has graduated from The Moscow Institute of Architecture in 1985. His teacher in painting was professor S.Atanov.
Evgeni Perje has lived and worked in Helsinki ever since 1990. The finnish nature and beauty of it: -rocks, sea and coniferous forests together with our strong classics, A.Gallen Kallela, H.Schjerfbeck and V.Westerholm among others inflamed the artist to create paintings instead of practising architecture.
He paints sceneries, city-views and portraits using interesting technical solutions.
Since 1985 Evgeni has taken part of both domestic and international exhibitions. You can find his painting in both private and public collections in Sweden, France, USA, Germany, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Finland and Russia, among others.
Since 1997 Perje has been a member of the Finnish Federation of Painters, of Society of painters of Helsinki,a member of Russian Federation of Painters of Finland “TRIADA”.