You can measure your distributor`s performance without concrete sales figures using “non-sales goals.” If you have to get z.B. Buy-In of some Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs), you need to quantify the required number of KOL meetings per month in the contract. If your distributor does not hold these meetings, you know that you will not get sales in the future and it is better to find a new distributor sooner rather than later. Other examples of non-sales objectives are: CONOR has implemented and maintains a quality management system in accordance with ISO 13485 and other relevant quality management and legislation standards, such as the Council`s 93/42/EEC Directive of 14 June 1993 on medical devices. CONOR ensures and guarantees that the actual production of the product is carried out within the framework of the certified quality management system. 16.1 Dispute settlement. The parties will endeavour to resolve, through amicable or in good faith discussions, any disputes arising from or related to this agreement (including potential disputes over the validity, applicability or interpretation of this agreement). In the event of a dispute between the parties, each party`s management conducts friendly and good faith discussions in an attempt to resolve this dispute. To the extent that CONOR is developing new [) [- ] that are not within the scope of this agreement and which are included in Schedule A (New Products) and provided that BIOTRONIK is not in violation at that time or that it does not do so with respect to payments to CONOR, The contracting parties agree to the marketing of these new products, taking into account all special costs associated with the manufacture of new products, any other economic or technical factor that distinguishes new products from products and BIOTRONIK`s performance history under this agreement. 17.9 Full agreement. This agreement, including all supplements and timetables, constitutes the whole agreement between the parties with respect to the purpose of this agreement and replaces all previous agreements, agreements or assurances made verbally or in writing between the parties on this matter. 17.2 Publication, press releases.

Both parties may issue press releases referring to the existence of an agreement between the contracting parties without disclosing the commercial details of the agreement and, subject to their confidentiality obligations, with respect to the other. The two contracting parties provide the other party with a copy of a draft press release concerning the other contracting party for pre-publication approval. Authorizations are not unduly withheld and issued in a timely manner. (u) cooperate appropriately with Given Japan on all matters of medical vigilance and report all product problems; Don`t expect disappointing sales three years later. While formal sales contracts are recommended for the long term, don`t hesitate to explore the Handshake agreement and try a new distributor for about six months. Take the time to travel with salespeople through sales interviews to train them both on your products and to learn more about the company you have partnered with. A few days on the go with a salesperson with you tell you more about your sales partner than a year of email exchange. Sometimes this route can put your business plan into service faster. (d) assist Suzuken in its promotion efforts by sending representatives to medical meetings and conferences; as requested by Suzuken, provide explanations and answer questions about the product and its use and attend conferences and fairs, etc., all, when coordinated in advance, subject to reimbursement of Suzuken`s staff availability of reasonable hotel and travel expenses for Given Imaging or Given Japan staff, as appropriate, who travel to Japan to respond to Suzuken`s request in accordance with this Section 4 (d); BIOTRONIK and/or the respective BIOTRONIK negotiators provide CONOR with all necessary assistance to comply with local legislation and requirements, including, but not limited to,: