For your agreement to be complete, an advance of $400 must be paid. If you are under the age of 18 at the time of application, you must complete the right parent/education and return the form to our office by mailing or scanning and peresending. Students do not receive a cancellation fee if they cancel (1) while they are still on the waiting list for campus apartments; (2) cancel the confirmation of campus construction; (3) a first case that cancels before June 1, 2020; or (4) a transfer student who cancels by June 1, 2020. All students who have submitted a $400 prepayment will be reimbursed if they cancel their $400 advance before the aforementioned deadlines. Once a student is confirmed for accommodation, the cancellation fee applies in accordance with Section 4 of the Terms and Conditions. Students must resign before the following dates to avoid being responsible for future housing costs. Like any relationship, we understand that you may not be ready to commit yet. If you do not enter the online chamber contest in June or if you have recently applied, we will keep your housing contract active from Monday, July 6 to Friday, August 14. You still have the option to choose campus apartments when spaces become available on the apartment gate. Please note that places are limited! The housing contract can be submitted at any time through To pay the advance of 400 USD, make as follows: special accommodations will be taken into account only on the basis of the recommendations of the Centre for Students with Disabilities, depending on their availability.

To apply for specific accommodation due to disability or illness, you should contact the Centre for Students with Disabilities (773) 325-1677 or Students are invited to contact the Centre for Students with Disabilities upon presentation of their housing contract. When included in a waiting list, students are assigned from the waiting list when space is available. We are trying to find accommodation for students on the waiting list. The Housing Department cannot predict when and how often cancellations will be received, it is not possible to determine when a student is assigned to the waiting list An apartment is assigned. Students who are on the waiting list and who have not yet been confirmed for a place can cancel without cancellation fees. Once a student has been confirmed for a room in the apartment, any cancellation is subject to the charged fees described in the accommodation contract. Cancellation fees are available under the terms and conditions, Section 5. If you or your student is on the waiting list and have questions, we advise you to contact our offices at (773) 325-7196 to speak to a staff employee. Our mission ensures the maintenance of space endowments.

They also handle room modifications, oversee the housing agreement process and facilitate the annual space selection process, an event for residents who wish to return to campus apartments. The application on campus housing is simple. Just fill out the housing contract on Make sure you read and understand the terms and conditions that apply to your planned academic year. All notifications of termination of campus housing must be written directly to DePaul Housing; Notification through DePaul University`s admissions department, student records or other DePaul University offices is not enough.