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can i buy disulfiram online For this first version, the discount for invoicing with Tcode VB02 will be granted. Select B as the test basis (you can select other settings according to your needs) and choose Create Manual Report. Now enter the amount to be paid and save the discount agreement. b. Enter your discount conditions. Don`t forget to enter the delimitation rate here. Enter the number of your discount contract. Then, select Discount Payments > Discount Documents and choose Partial Billing. Click the Select button to write down your credit application number. Transaction VOB3 offers you the possibility to compare the statistics of the remittance payments with the values of the billing documents. Try these transactions: V12LEV_A Create a price report (discount) V12LEV_B edit the price report (discount) display V12LEV_C transactions (discount) V12LEV_D price report (discount) If you create your own, the main tables are: Table: M_VMCFB has the agreement number (KUMMA), the recipient (KUNAG), the billing date (FKDAT) and the billing number (VBELN). S136 is the LIS table INDEXKONP-KSPAE tells you if the “discount was implemented retroactively”. The SAP note 105681 explains when this field is set and the complete steps to enable the new procedure.

-RR BO01 – Customer/Material or Customer Group/Discount = % BO02 Discount – Customer/Material = Bo03 quantity dependent – Customer = % BO04 Discount – Customer hierarchy = % BO05 Discount – Customer/Material hierarchy = % BO06 Discount – Sales volume. Independent Explain discount agreements in sales in the process. 3. Now test your discount feature: create a sales order for the respective customer, the sales organization (make sure the billing type used in your sales order is relevant to the discount). Create the outgoing delivery, transfer the order to perform the picking and post the issuance of the goods. 1. The first requirement is that the processing of discounts must be active for – The sales organization is relevant for the processing of discounts – The payer (customer file) is relevant for the processing of discounts – The type of invoicing (invoice, credit note) is relevant for the processing of discounts How to create a condition record for a discount contract: How to create a report that displays the type of discount agreement, the discount agreement number, the total amount accumulated, the total amount maximum amount paid, number of discounted prescriptions. I tried, SQVI managed to get everything except the values of the provision? Help us 6. Create a discount contract in the VBO1 transaction based on your needs (whether hardware-based or customer-based). Vishal, if you had little to do with working with discounts, I suggest you read the available SAP documentation as it is a bit complex depending on the scenario we are talking about. However, I worked on a retail box and worked with discounts that suppliers/cutomers set up. If you`re working on standard SAP sales discounts, follow the recommendations RR gives you.

See also the SAP Note 410579 FAQ: Discount Processing. If the discounts were set up after the sales documents, you must then update the business volumes. You can read NOTE SAP Note 73214 – Subseq.settl.:Retrospec.compltn/recompltnof and go to the SAP documentation “Subsequent Update of Business Volumes” CVG Vish, there are standard SAP reports for discounts. Depending on the discount (seller or customer), you will have to play with the transactions: MER8, MER9, MERS, MERB (customers) and MEB8, MEB9, MEBS, MEBB (seller). I guess you start with MER8. Access the SAP documentation for later billing. You can also explore the analysis down to the actual documents that made it possible to obtain the business volumes. C.

To check the condition type and key combination for each discount agreement. ( group discount ) or 0002 material discount or 0003 ( customer discount ) etc. When creating or editing discount agreements, you can create term records by selecting Go to -> Conditions to access the Contract Overview screen. Enter the data required to create a condition record (for example. B: Customer and Condition Record). Select ENTER. – If you do not enter a value for the accumulation set, the system automatically suggests the value you entered as a condition record. – To create a price scale for a condition record, select the condition record and select Scales. – To view or edit the details of a condition record, select the condition record and select Details. 6. Next, check your discount agreement with Tcode VB03.

2. Next, create a discount agreement for this ust T-code VB01. For the type of discount agreement, you can choose 0001, you can check all types of conditions for the contract It is possible to see an overview of the records of conditions that already exist in other discount agreements and that have the same key combination (customer /material, customer/discount group, etc.). 8. Now, create a discount credit with VF01 by entering the credit note request number and registering b. for the billing type ( IMG > Billing > > Active Processing of Discounts > > select the billing documents for remittance processing. ) A discount is a special discount that is paid retroactively to a customer. This discount is based on the customer`s sales volume over a certain period of time.

You can change the discount agreements if the following prerequisites are met: 4. Now, go to Tcode VB03 and check your discount by selecting the conditions, selecting the condition element and selecting the payment data. You will see that the provisions and business volume are updated when the accounting document is created for invoicing. For each discount contract, you can specify whether or not to renew automatically. Select Tools -> Discount Schedule -> Reactivate or Delete in Edit Delivery mode. Notes: Once your discounts have accumulated, you will have to pay the discount. . Path 3Logistics → sales → master data → → → delivery contract These are the prerequisites for processing the discount. . 2. You need to enable the remittance process for the billing type. .

4. You must create service material as a material for billing in order to pay for the discount….