Katerina Zherbina

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Steinkjer tel: +358 50 5373959
e-mail: katerina.zherbina@gmail.com

My name is Katerina Zherbina. I live and work in Helsinki as a freelance artist and costume designer for theatre / dance performances. I was born in Petrozavodsk, Russia, where my first encounter with art happened. I attended Kids’ Fine Arts School for 3 years there. Our family moved to Finland in 1995. Here in Helsinki I studied first at Fine Arts High School, then in Aalto University of Art and Design. I graduated in 2012. I paint watercolour and acrylic paintings, draw illustrations and postcards. Since the year 2011 I teach drawing and painting in the Kids’ Centre Pelikan. In 2018 I became the member of Union of Russian Artists in Finland “Triada”.